The Challenge

I challenge you to

Feel the magic in the mundane,

See the extraordinary in the ordinary,

Experience the profound in the profane.

To live a life where the simplest acts become complex plays of pleasure, one wave after another.

Can you? Dare you?… let go of your comfortable known world to step into the universe of the vast unknown? 

To open up and embrace a way of being so beyond your comprehension, beyond what the teachers, the preachers, the books, the doctors, the trainers, the therapists tell you. 

For what do they know about you but normal guidelines. 

You are way beyond normal.

Do you dare trust what you’re hearing deep inside?

Yes, it’s there. It’s within you.  It’s been there all along. All you have to do is trust…yourself. You already know how to live this way, how to be this way. 

Get off the wheel going round and round, be free. 

Free to be that incredible being you truly are. Your True Self. 

Go ahead, give yourself permission. 

You won’t regret it. Not for a single moment.