Group Classes

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Crystal Bowl Meditation involves the playing of an assortment of crystal bowls, each tuned to a different area/organ/chakra of the body. The sound waves enter the body & vibrate the tissue enabling it to release lower vibrational emotions, ailments, thought forms, & toxic chi.


Qi Gong

QI GONG (also known as Chi Gong or Qi Gung) is a Chinese system of gentle exercises, breathing and meditation that increases our bodies supply of healing energy – Chi or Qi – enhancing overall vitality, as well as developing a clear and peaceful state of mind.


Tai Chi Chuan

TAI CHI CHUAN literally means supreme or ultimate fist, is an internal martial art, using qi as the source of the practitioner’s power rather than simply muscular strength. The 24 movement pre-revolution Yang short form of Tai Chi Chuan is taught here at the Chi Longevity Center.


Therapeutic Bodywork

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy relieves muscle tension, pain, stress, injury rehab, & sports injuries. Deep tissue, Swedish & Sports Massage.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy uses light finger pressure to release the cranial bones & stimulate flow of cerebrospinal fluid bathing the brain and spinal cord.



Shiatsu is based on acupuncture by using fingers, hands, elbows, forearms & feet, to stimulate KI, the body’s vital life force.


Medical Qi Gong Therapy

Medical Qi Gong Therapy is both a modality as well as a practice that is taught to facilitate balance & harmony within the body.


Energetic & Sound Healing

Chakra Alignment

Chakra Alignment is a gentle yet profound modality where upon each of seven chakras or soul centers are energetically balanced ( purged—removing chi, or tonified—adding chi).


Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is a system of realigning and re-attuning the body’s electro-magnetic energy field. Like electricity, your body’s energy flows through pathways in and around the body.


Crystal Bowl Meditation Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Meditation – This modality involves the use of an assortment of crystal bowls, each tuned to a different area/organ/chakra of the body.


Shamanic Distance Healing

Shamanic Distance Healing is used when the client lives far from Brooke. This isn’t a problem as Brooke can still do distance shamanic healing.


Located in majestic & peaceful East Aurora, NY – Chi Longevity Center is just about 20 minutes from almost anywhere in Western New York. 


I visit Westport CT for 1 week every month and have offerings in the area. Click the button below to call me to book an appointment!