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Author, Teacher, Therapist

Sammy Blizzard and the Haunted Valley of the Ice Creatures Volume I

The “Sammy Blizzard” Adventures is a story focused on Sammy and his friends as they journey through adolescence. The central theme is change.

Sammy learns early in book one that a snowflake’s life is all about change – from flake to water to vapor and back again. Not one to like change, he sets out on a journey with his best friend Sylvie to locate Weather. He figures that if he can convince her not to change, he won’t have to.

Along the way, they encounter many travails, dangers, challenges, all of which lead them to learning life lessons about compassion, kindness, courage, friendship, evil, and goodness. In discovering themselves, they learn about global warming and other dangers to their delicate flake lives, and further expand into the roles as the Destined Trio, the special flakes who will help expand the consciousness of the beings human in their darkest hour.

Brooke Becker

Author, Teacher, Therapist

Brooke Becker grew up in rural Western New York, and as a child, she spent time playing in the woods communicating with nature. She learned from different spirit guides the freedom to live in the present moment with acceptance of subtler powers and energies.

Brooke began awakening to her inner knowing and third eye consciousness. She moved to Florida for work, and to pursue healing arts and apprenticed for three years studying Mindfulness Meditation, Light Integration Therapy, and Channeling. In 1996, she received a degree in Massage Therapy, and then went on to receive certifications in Yang Style Tai Chi and different styles of  Qigong.

Brooke has been guided to write and publish articles and books about self-healing, mindfulness, meditation, conscious awareness, and spirituality.


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Winner of the “Best Children’s Book Award, Fiction, 2007” by the New Book Review

Sammy Blizzard the the Haunted Valley of the Ice Creatures Volume I

Sammy Blizzard and the Legend of the Snowflake Prophecies Volume II